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This article contains information on how to set up your USB dongle (modem) and how to troubleshoot with it when it's not working.

Setting up dongle

If you are starting to use LeadDesk as an agent and you're going to use a USB dongle, please follow the following steps:

  1. Download latest Huawei drivers from download.leaddesk.com
  2. Open your Downloads folder
  3. Extract the files from "Huawei_6.00.02.00.zip" to a new folder
  4. Open the folder that you just extracted the files from
  5. Run DriverSetup.exe
  6. Restart your computer once
  7. Open up LeadDesk Setup
  8. On General tab: select "Local USB Dongle"
  9. On USB Dongle tab: insert your SIM cards pin code.

Dongle not recognized

Should you run into any problems with the dongle, please follow these steps:

  • First you need to clean up all the old Huawei drivers: from your Windows Control Panel, please check that you don't have "Mobilepartner", "Mobiililaajakaista" or "Huawei modem" software installed.

  1. Unplug the USB modem
  2. Download latest Huawei drivers from download.leaddesk.com
  3. Download Huawei helper scripts from download.leaddesk.com
  4. Run DeviceRemove.bat script. This will remove all installed Huawei devices from OS
  5. Run DriverUninstall.exe. This should remove all installed Huawei modem drivers from OS. (In case if "devcon.exe dp_enum" is still showing Huawei INF being present at the system DriverRemove.bat script can be used to remove ALL Huawei provided drivers. Do not use this script in this step unless you are having issues with device manager showing old driver being used after completing all the setup steps)
  6. Run DriverSetup.exe
  7. (If you have a E160 model please restart your PC)

Now the latest Huawei drivers are available and Windows will use those when the Huawei modem is plugged to the USB port.

"Modem not found"

For agents using the LeadDesk Application for Windows "modem not found" is a common error:

  • Check your modem is plugged in to your computer (green light should flash on your dongle).
  • Check your Modem settings in the LeadDesk Set Up application
  • Check that you have the latest/correct modem drivers installed
  • If you are using a USB HUB, please try connecting the dongle directly to the computer.

If this still doesn't work, please send the following information to Support:


Type <windows button> + <R> on your keyboard 1.jpg
Type in "devmgmt.msc" and click "OK"  2.png

Open up "universal serial bus controllers"

Please send us a screenshot of this menu.



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