LD Agents - How the admin sets up the agent view

When you log into LeadDesk as an agent, you will experience the interface as your companies manager/administrator sees fit. They have influence on which tabs you'll see, how information is sorted and how calls should be processed.

This article gives agents entry-level information about the common LeadDesk settings that affect their workflow, including settings that are admin-controlled, and settings that are agent-controlled.

LeadDesk Software has a powerful core set of features and LeadApps for extended functionality for different types of contact center work.
From time-to-time you may see a menu item or feature in our documentation that you cannot find in your interface as these features might not be active by default. These features can be activated on demand, please contact us to find out more.

Administrator-configurable settings from the agent point-of-view

Administrators have extensive management and access rights assignment options available to them from the admin interface.
As an agent you should contact your administrator about settings that affect your workflow:

  • Which campaigns you are allowed to use
  • Call list content, appearance and behavior 
  • Callback settings
  • Contact card settings
  • Order configuration
  • Commenting options

Admins also have extensive control over various LeadApps (if enabled):

  • Predictive or Power Dialer: our software makes continuous calls on its own, dropping voicemail calls and forwarding only calls to you when picked up.
  • Inbound queues: receiving inbound calls based on skill assignment.
  • B2B View: advanced Business to Business campaign workflow management.
  • Meeting Calendars: schedule appointments straight from your call.
  • Manuscript: provides you with standard calling script and options to fill out information during your call.

Contact with your administrator or manager if you have questions about settings for any of the above. If there are features listed here that you do not have enabled that would like access to, please consult with your team leader and contact your LeadDesk representative.


Agent-configurable settings

Agents have limited control over their settings and configuration. Most assignments are made by LeadDesk administrators in the admin interface. However, agents using the LeadDesk Application for Windows can use the LeadDesk Set Up application to access some useful settings including:

  • Audio: for optimizing call audio quality
  • Modem: configuring your modem
  • VoIP: for optimizing audio quality via Voice Buffer Size
  • Application window behavior: floating, pop-up or normal window behavior


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