LD Agents - Cannot connect to the VoIP server

As an agent, you might run into the message "Cannot connect to the VoIP server. Please check your internet connection".

When you run into this error message, there are several steps to run through to fix the problem.

  1. Make sure you have internet access. If you're not sure how to test this, try to surf to any website.
  2. If you have a (company) Firewall in place, please make sure that you have whitelisted our services.
    If you're not sure how to check this, please contact your local IT representative and give them the above website address. If you don't have a local IT representative, feel free to contact our Support directly.
    (Please note that we cannot do these changes for you directly, but we can offer advice.)
  3. When using the application, please make sure that the following programs have access through your Firewall (either Windows Firewall or other anti-virus programs).
    From the LeadDesk folder on your computer (C:\Program Files (x86)\LeadDesk):
    • Call_maker_setup
    • Call_maker
    • Lame
    • Media
    • Starter
    • Updater

Following these steps should be enough to get you through.
If not, please contact our Support for more assistance.

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