LD Agents - Cannot find MAC address

If you're logging in with the application and you get the error message "cannot find MAC address" you can fix it by following these steps. Please note that you'll need the administrator credentials to your computer. If you don't have those, please make sure that you contact someone who does. Without them, the problem cannot be fixed.

First click your Internet Access (1) options and determine on which network (2) you are.


Next, from your Windows start menu (1), open up a command prompt.
You can do so by typing in "cmd" in the search bar (2) and opening up the prompt (3).
Inside the Command prompt window, type " ipconfig /all " and press enter. 2.png
You'll receive all your computer's network settings as seen the screenshot below.
From here, scroll to the adapter to which you are connected. You should be able to find this, based on the first step from this walkthrough. 
From this section, please note down your MAC address, which is written here as the "Physical Address" (1).
Next we open the Registry Editor.
This can be done in the same was as opening up the command prompt, but instead of writing "cmd" in the Windows search bar, you'll type "regedit". Open up the program.

In the Registry Editor, you'll find folders on the left side. What you'll want to do is open up the folders in the following order:

  3. WOW6432Node
  4. Call Manager Pro

On the right side you will now find several values. Double click on MAC-Address.

In the pop-up, fill out your MAC address (replace hyphens with colons A1-B2-C3-D4 becomes A1:B2:C3:D4) and click "OK". 8.png
Restart your LeadDesk  

If this didn't help, please contact Support directly.





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