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One of the objectives that your company can have is to arrange meetings with your leads.
With LeadDesk you can create multiple meetings calendars to be used in your campaigns from the Objectives (1) > Meetings calendars (2) tab. Once a calendar is defined and attached to a campaign, agents (and admins) can book meetings for a sales person. 
Start by creating a new calendar via the Add new button (3).


 In the new calendar (project) you can define the following:

  • Project name (mandatory) - name under which you can find the calendar in LeadDesk.
  • Duration (mandatory) - time spawn for which the calendar should be active.
  • Default meeting title - when an agent books a meeting, this will be the title of the meeting.
    Use a dynamic value to give a meeting a unique title automatically.
  • Default location - this is where the meeting will take place.
    Use a dynamic value to automatically fill out for instance the contact cards office's address.
  • Default sender email - the invitation email will be send on behalf of this address (troubleshoot).
  • Description - content for the meeting. 
  • Send email to attendees - refers to the attendees described at the bottom of this page.
  • Show link to call-recording - allows the sales representative to listen to the conversation during which the meeting was scheduled. This can relay more information than words ever could.
  • Add manuscript results to meeting - if you've used a manuscript for the call which contained input fields, all the values written down in the input fields will be listed underneath on another in the description field.

Project participants
Here you can define stakeholders for the meeting. This doesn't necessarily mean that all persons will attend the meeting; rather that they can/will receive information when a meeting is booked or when its status is changed. 
Meeting template - insert a invitation template (described below) this section.
Possible roles - sales person, manager, Sales person & manager, teamleader.

For every event attached to a meeting, you can send out a customized e-mail. From the main tab of the meetings calendars, you'll find the message templates button. Use this to create a new message template.
There are "Project invitations" and "Meeting emails". Project invitations are send out when a project is created, meeting emails are send when a meeting is created inside a project.

  • Name - how you'll find the template within LeadDesk.
  • Sender - the email address used as a sender of the email.
  • Title - name of the email as can be seen by the receiver.
  • Text square - this will be the message inside your e-mail.

Once you've created your message template,  you can attach it to your project. Edit your project and select the Meeting events tab. Here you'll find all different statuses possible for a meeting: 

  • Meeting added
  • Meeting edited
  • Meeting removed
  • Not selected
  • Held
  • Postponed
  • Canceled
  • Deal

Use the dropdown to select the meeting template and the Attach button to attach it to the event.
Once a meeting status changes, emails will be send as you've defined.

Attach a campaign via the Campaigns tab > select a campaign > Meetings calendar section (all the way at the bottom). If activated for your LeadDesk environment, you can review your calendar via the Overview tab > Meetings calendar.

Agents can book meetings from their Agent view > Contact card during (simulated) call > Calendar tab.

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