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For many types of call centers it is important to track performance, where calls can result in a product or service being offered/sold. As such, you can define products (services) from Objectives (1) > Product list (2). Products created here can be attached to campaigns and are then selectable from the contact card whilst in a (simulated) call. Once a product is 'ordered' from a call it will show in your reporting (reports and dashboard widgets). 

Adding a new product/service (3)

  • Objective - name of the product or service, as can be seen from the Contact card > Objectives tab.
  • Office - if a product needs to be limited to a certain office you can select an office here.
  • Sponsor - if a single sponsor has been defined, a sponsor needs to be chosen. Once a sponsor is attached, a product is not visible in a campaign where a different sponsor is chosen.
  • Sponsor's product code - if a sponsor has given you product code to match its products it can be marked here (mainly used for reporting).
  • Product code - internal code to monitor products sold.
  • Sales price - price the product is sold for to the customer.
  • Hourly wage - hourly wage attached to the product.
  • Commission/order - amount of commission the company earns when selling this product.
  • Commission percent - percentile that an agent earns when selling this product.
  • Target/hour (currency) - sales target in currency to be achieved per hour.
  • Sales points - if you use sales points within LeadDesk, you can define them here per product sold.
  • Target/hour (points) - sales target in points to be achieved per hour.
  • Product description - small text area to describe the product being sold.
  • Agent can set sales price freely - if checked, an agent can change the Sales price, allowing the agent to be more competitive if required.

Product fields (see screenshot below for examples)
This text will be visible in the Contact card > Objectives tab.
Different types of fields can be used to make orders more manageable.

  • Text - allows the agent to type a small line of text.
  • Static text - shows a non-editable text to the agent.
  • Textarea - allows the agent to type a larger text.
  • Multiselect - allows agent to select multiple lines. To define another line use the "add row" button.
  • Dropdown - this allows the agent to select a single value from a dropdown menu. To define another line use the "add row" button.
  • Date - allows for a date to billed out.

The lines can be made mandatory via the checkbox.

From the agent's Call tab > Contact card > Objectives tab you'll see the following underneath the contact's details.

  • Field name - can be seen here as "Example". Once clicked the selections become available.
  • Selections - multiple selections can be relevant within one order; imagine the same product, but with different required variables (sub-types, colors, features of product, etc).

Once a product is fully defined it can be added to the order with the "Add to order" button.
Multiple products can be added to one order. If the order itself is complete, use the Order tab to make a single or multiple orders. Via the Delivery Address the agent can indicate where the product needs to be send.

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