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From the Admin > Overview (1) > Agent groups (2), you'll find similar data as from the Admin > Overview (1) > Agents. Here you'll find today's statistics for groups of agents whom have been calling. At the end of the day the statistics will reset.

  1. Agent group - Name of the agent group.
  2. Active agents - Amount of active agents today inside this group.
  3. Answered calls - The amount of answered calls by the group today (inbound / robot).
  4. Finals - How many contact cards the agent group has finalized. Finalized meaning an action that prevents that contactcard from being used again.
  5. Total number of deals - Amount of Deals the agent group has made today. This is only valid for call ending reason "deal".
  6. Success rate - Percentile of Deals compared to finalized calls today.
  7. Message icon - Allows you to send a message to your agent group. This message will pop-up in the agent's interface. The agent will have to click this message away to remove it.

The Office filter above the data table allows you to organize your data.


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