LeadDesk Release 79 – UX & UI Improvements

Improvements - Admin: Improvements to UI and usability. Editing tools have been moved from list view to the top of the page. Users can now choose several items and edit them simultaneously.  



We'll are rolling out a new feature that automatically assigns agents with the most suitable VoIP server. That way we can improve both the VoIP quality and stability for your agents. The feature is activated to a selected number of customers, after which we will gradually push it out to everyone.

Once you have the feature enabled you'll be able to choose multiple VoIP servers that you want to use. You can select the servers, from the VoIP servers section on the Global Settings tab that you'll find on the General Settings page.

By choosing only one server, you'll force your agents to use that one.


New Feature - Admin: We added new validation possibilities to fields in the order form. You can now validate the fields to be “not empty",“numbers”, “email”, “Finnish postal codes” and “Finnish social security number"
Improvement - Agent: We improved the logic for deleting callbacks. The callback will be automatically deleted if the callback ends with a removing call ending reason. If the call doesn’t end with a removing call ending reason, then the callback won’t be deleted. You can read more about the callback logic here.


New Feature - Admin: We added icons for various calling types in the admin view. The icons will also indicate whether the call was answered or not. 
Improvement - Admin: Improved speed and usability when managing Agent Skills in the Admin view. 
Fix - Admin: Fixed error with team leaders having access to modify deals, even if permission had not been granted. 
Fix - Admin: Tabs in agent view converted to normal links, which enables e.g. opening a new view easily as a new browser window or tab. 


Fix - Admin: Fixed some errors with call results being deleted from the database. 
Improvement - Admin: Call ending reasons can now include custom fields, which make them more easy to access in e.g. reports. 


New Feature - Callback can now be moved to different campaigns.
Improvement - Admin: Improved search in the contact management tab.
Fix - Teamlead: Fixed errors when trying to access hidden calling methods. 


New Feature - Admin: Scheduling favorite reports was enabled for all clients
Improvement - Admin: Added a tooltip for "Show call ending reason dialog when removing a customer from list” in the campaign editor



New Feature - Admin: You can now filter on inactive campaigns in the campaign overview
Improvement - Admin: It’s now easier to see which blocks are expandable in the campaign overview
Fix - Admin: Fixed errors when saving lists with duplicate names
Fix - Admin: Fixed errors when saving contact lists that only included dropped robot calls
Fix - Admin: Fixed minor errors with favorite reports
Fix - Agent: Fixed errors with saving numbers in the CallDialgoue, when the number had less than 7 characters. 
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