LeadDesk Release 73 – more API options for customization and integrations

LeadDesk release 73 includes data performance improvements, localization fixes and data handling optimization. We've also added to our API so that the queue ID for inbound calls can be sent to third party systems via the campaign URL. There is a new dropdown for this in the campaign editor.

LeadDesk release 73 is planned to go live on Wednesday, 10 August, 2016.


Highlights in r73:

  • API: Inbound queue ID can now be sent to external campaign URL
  • Admin > Campaign: New option to select inbound Queue ID in the campaign editor drop down menu 
  • Admin > Dashboard: All widgets have been tweaked so that they refresh faster and more consistemty
  • All > Meeting Calendars: Deleted data is now soft deleted rather than hard deleted
  • Misc: Localization engine fixes for Norwegian and Estonian
  • Various search and database optimizations under the hood


Please note that some features and fixes are license-dependent and only applicable if you have specific LeadApps or the related features enabled. 

If you have any questions or requests, please contact support@leaddesk.com or use our online ticket form.


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