LeadDesk Release 78 – Improvements to our inbound queue management

  • Admin > Inbound > New feature – New wizard for editing agents who serve your queues. Easily add and remove agents, based on their skill level
  • Admin > Bug fix - Stability improvements when importing calling lists.
  • Admin > Bug fix – Visualisation of queue status (open / closed). Now works both admin and queue time zone.
  • Admin > Contact management tool > Bug fix – Removes the assignment from both the contact and contact number, when freeing up a contact.
  • Admin > Search > Bug fix – The search functionality now also supports finding callbacks for contacts that only have a phone number assigned to them.
  • Admin > Inbound > Terminology – Small changes to titles and subtab order
  • Admin > Inbound > Terminology – Objectives-term renamed to Produts in several places at service including renaming the tab



Improved stability when scheduling favourite reports. 



Fix - Admin: Fixed errors when using special characters in the sponsors name.
Fix - Admin: Fixed errors when deleting callbacks on Firefox.
Fix - Admin: Better usability for search.
Fix - All: Fixed minor errors with UI



New Feature -  Agent: You can now choose to make external information available for agents, before the call is picked up. 
New Feature -  Admin: you can now manage if your agents can skip and remove contacts by changing your campaign's optional settings. You can allow: No contact skipping (removes the “next contact”, “next contact and remove” buttons from the call window). Contact skipping (removes the “next contact and remove” button and places the contact back into the call queue). Contact skipping and removing contacts from contact list (current view)
Fix - Admin: Increased reliability when searching contacts. 



Fix - All: Fixed errors with logging in, after cookie session has expired.
Improvement - Admin: Improved call recording management for campaign specific needs. 
Improvement - Admin: Admins can now easily change the amount of call attempts available for a contact, when using the call ending reason to move the contact to a new list.



Improvement - Agent: Callback notifications. Improved usability and functionality for callbacks.


Improvement - Admin: You can now schedule when you want to send out your favourite reports.
Fix - Admin: Fixed errors with time and date settings for sending out favourite reports.
Fix - Admin: Fixed errors with the UI when editing the time when a scheduled report is sent.




New Feature -  Admin: Improvements to contact list. Created date is automatically added and You can now search based on last results



New Feature -  Admin: Standard inbound features available for all clients. Contact your account manager for further details.
New Feature - Admin: Favorite reports can now be sent automatically to admins.  
Fix - Admin and Agent: Special characters now supported in data tables
Fix - Admin: When admin deletes a contact, that contacts callbacks will also be deleted.
Fix - Software: improve system fail-safeness from external outages
+ Other minor changes and improvements.



New Feature - Admin: Clients can edit their billing information now directly in LeadDesk (General Settings -> Billing).

Fix - Admin: Fixed errors when using special characters in search field
Fix - Admin: Fixed errors when sorting calling lists
Fix - Agent: Fixed error with long emails not being displayed correctly in admin view.
Fix - Agent: Increased stability for agent login
Fix - Agent: Fixed minor discrepancies with loading message templates.


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