LeadDesk Release 77 – improved inbound queues

LeadDesk release 77 focusses on the queue functionalities. With the improved queue editor, you can plan further and be more flexible with queue opening hours. Also, monitoring the queues becomes more straightforward with an updated live statistic. 

Highlights in r77:

  • Admin > Inbound > Queue editor: Admin can define special opening times for inbound queues for better planning. You can now set up single events or reoccurring occasions far in advance. 
  • Admin > Improved monitoring of inbound queues: To harmonize the live statistics, the inbound queue monitoring moved to the overview page. More information was added, such as who are the free agents, details about agents and what they are doing. 
  • Admin > General Settings: You will no longer receive an error message when saving settings. 
  • Admin > Agents > Agent editor: With this change, no admin will be able to block themselves out anymore. It prevents the last admin from changing himself to an agent account. 
  • Admin > Contact Lists > Contact Lists editor: You can now add the information about maximum call attempts for new contacts easily.
  • Admin > Calling lists created with maximum calling attempts automatically apply to all contacts in the list. The value is changeable in existing lists. 
  • Agent > Semi-automatic contact preview: Mandatory contact details on agent side works smoothly again.

Please note that some features and fixes are license-dependent and only applicable if you have specific LeadApps or the related features enabled.

If you have any questions or requests, please contact support@leaddesk.com or use our online ticket form.

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