LD Admin - Global call ending reasons

For each campaign you can set call ending reasons. 
From General Settings (1) > Globacl call ending reasons (2) you can create global call ending reasons.
Global call ending reasons are reasons that will show up in every campaign. This will save you time in a sense that you don't have to recreate every call ending reason every time you make a new campaign. It also means that you can make changes (2) to all these campaign call ending reasons in one go.
You can 'hide' global call ending reasons per campaign if you decide not to want to use them for a specific campaign.


How to make a new global call ending reason:

  • Set a name - name can be changed from every campaign and still keep its functionality.
  • Removes contact from contact list - if the reason is used to end a call, the contactcard will be set as 'used' from the contactlist and will no longer be available for any agent.
  • Moves contact to contact list - allows you to move a contactcard from the current calling list to another.
  • Retain agent assignment to new contact list - if the contactcard was reserved by an agent, the card will still be reserved once moved to a new list. If not checked, the contactcard will become public after the move.
  • Move number to blacklist - the phonenumber will be added to the blacklist (global or specific depending on your choice).
  • Message template - after the reason is selected the system will send out one or more e-mail or SMS messages. The messages will show to the agent when the contact card is closed so they can still be reviewed. You can also use automatic sending; in that case the agent will not see the messages and they will be send out right away.
  • Waiting period for called number - a waiting period will be applied during which the contact card will not be offered to an agent (can still be called manually / callback).
  • Waiting period for repeated call ending reason - if the same reason is two or more times this waiting period will be applied.
  • Waiting period for contact's other numbers - waiting time that is applied to all other numbers in the same contact card.
  • Move number in front of the call queue after the waiting period is applied to it - once the waiting period has ended, the phone number will be offered before other contact cards, regardless of it possibly having less call rounds left.
  • Calling time - the phone number will offered to an agent during a certain timeframe.
  • Points - if you use call ending reason points, you can set them from here.

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