OS/Browser compatibility

System requirements for LeadDesk:


  • Windows 7 and higher: Installed application supported.
  • Windows XP: works in combination with LeadDesk 6.8.
  • Always runs via the latest version of Google Chrome.
  • CPU: minimum of 2 cores, minimum of 2GHz.

Mac / Linux

  • Not officially supported but e.g. OSX with Google Chrome browser is possible.
    Limitations might apply. Contact LeadDesk support for more info.

Google Chrome web browser is recommended

  • Though LeadDesk will work in most web browsers, Chrome is our supported browser.

LeadDesk requires an internet connection

  • Fast internet connection recommended.
  • Connection via ethernet calbe is highly recommended as compared to connecting over any wireless connection.
  • VoIP calling requires additional bandwidth. Note that VoIP requires an additional approx. 100kbit/sec UL/DL for each concurrent call
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