LD Agents - (VoIP) Remote Listener

Remote Listener is a LeadDesk add-on feature that enables admins to listen live to an agent's calls and offers two way communication between admins and agents.

LeadDesk offers a Remote listener which works within a local network only
LeadDesk offers a VoIP Remote Listener which works for local networks and remote locations.

(VoIP) Remote Listener first needs to be enabled by LeadDesk.
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VoIP Remote listener doesn't require any downloads.
Regular Remote Listener requires the following:

  • Download Remote Listener from download.leaddesk.com
  • Follow the straightforward installation instructions
  • Remember, each agent must check "Enable Remote Listener" in their Agent Set Up

If you have use firewall, please make sure that you allow the following programs via your firewall:

  • Callmaker
  • Lame
  • Media

These can be found via under the following path:

  • Windows 10: C:\Program Files (x86)\LeadDesk

Via Windows button > FirewallAllow an app or feature through Windows Firewall.
Change settings Allow another appBrowse > follow the above mentioned path to find the programs.

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