LD Agents - Browser plug-in

In order to use the LeadDesk Click-to-call feature, you need to install our browser plug-in, which makes all phone numbers on your browser instantly dialable. LeadDesk browser plug-in is available for Google Chrome. The plug-in can be downloaded from our download page at http://download.leaddesk.com.  

After the plug-in installer has finished, you may have to set the plugin to use either LeadDesk browser button or LeadDesk application depending on the version you are using.

Google Chrome

  1. Go to Settings Extensions or chrome://extensions/
  2. For the LeadDesk Button, check the Active checkbox
  3. Under LeadDesk Button select Options
  4. Choose if LeadDesk should add a prefix to the number clicked by default.
  5. Choose whether you use the LeadDesk browser or LeadDesk Application
  6. Choose whether you want the number that you click to be called automatically when clicked on the website with the enable checkbox. Delay indicates the amount of seconds delay between the number clicked and the number being called by LeadDesk.
  7. Click apply.

Other settings

  1. Settings > Programs
  2. Check that cmpro action Use application C:\\Programfiles\LeadDesk is selected
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