LD Admin - QA tool

The QA tool allows your admins to easily review deals made, giving them a quick overview of all the data attached to the deal, listening to the relevant recording and applying "order states" to the deal.

From the Admin Panel > QA tab, there are two different views: Agent view (1) (default of QA tab) and Manager view.
Agent view shows one deal at a time, Manager view shows all deals for mass deal handling.

(2) You can either go through chronologically or sort through the deals with filters: Date interval, sponsors, campaigns, agents or Call ID.

(3) The QA tab will show you all unprocessed deals, one at a time.
All deals are visible via "unprocessed" (no actions taken in QA), "processing" (actions taken, but not yet confirmed), "processed" (order state set to confirmed).

(4) Here you can see the current deal to be processed.
If a call was made and the recording was uploaded, a media player will be visible underneath the info table (5). Without it, it will stay blank.
From the table you'll find:
- Date and time: time-stamp of the deal-call.
- Agent: Agent who registered the deal.
- Phone number: Phone number that was called, where the deal was made on.
- First name: Customer's first name (contact card).
- Last name: Customer's last name (contact card).
- Company: Customer's company's name (contact card).
- Billing address: Billing address set in contact card via Agent view > Order tab.
- Billing postcode: Billing postcode set in contact card via Agent view > Order tab.
- Delivery address: Delivery address set in contact card via Agent view > Delivery tab.
- Delivery postcode: Delivery postcode set in contact card via Agent view > Delivery tab.
- Campaign: campaign the agent made the (call and) deal from.
- Call times: amount of calls made to the specific contact card.
- Status: the current order state of this deal.
- Order ID: ID code given to deal when deal was made (system input - non editable).
- Call ID: ID code of the call made (system input - non editable).

(6) Per deal you can fill out a comment, which is visible from the deal overview.
(7) Per deal you can change the order state as to process the deal. For the deal to be processed, it will need to be "confirmed". Press "Send" to register your change.
When the deal is set to "confirmed" it will disappear from the QA tab, as it is processed. Deal is still visible from the Admin > Overview > Deals or Admin > Reports.

(9) On the right side you'll find the button to switch to the "Manager view".

(1) Filters can be placed on this overview as with the Agent view.
(2) Manager view shows all deals in one overview.
(3) All deals can be accepted in one go, for instance after you've used filters to take out all deals made by one agent.
(4) To switch back to the Agent view, use the button on the right side.

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