LD Admin - Order states

Order states are admin definable statuses which allow you to create a flow for deals made by your agents.

This feature goes hand in hand with our QA tool but can be used without. Please note that you need to communicate which states should be used in the QA tool, if you wish to use self-made order states in QA.

When an agent makes a deal, you as an admin might want to verify that the deal was made properly (all information present, deal filled out correctly, etc.).
From the Admin view > Overview > Deals (see screenshot below) you can review your deals, and process them with the order states by clicking on the "Status" (3). 

These order states can do different things for you as defined from Admin > Campaigns > Order States.
You can set your name of choosing (3) whether or not the state is "locked" (4) (non editable by agent), or "hidden from agents" (5) (not visible from agent view).
New states can be made by admins on this page by using the "Create new" button (6).

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