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B2B View is a package of additional features, available as LeadApp for LeadDesk Software, designed to deliver maximum productivity with complex B2B sales funnels. Key features include:

  • Company Card – company data, including customizable “B2B view” data fields
  • Company-specific contacts and company-specific call history – all in the same window
  • Global Company Comments – “copies” a company comment to all contacts associated with a specific company, overwriting a previous company comment (campaign-specific if enabled)
  • Campaign-specific objectives – “B2B Status” enables you to track a customized sales process
  • Account Dial – instant access to a company-specific call list, including all contacts associated with a specific company
  • Account Playback – instant access to company-specific call recordings

 Tip: Admins have powerful options with LeadDesk B2B View, including customizing B2B Status options and B2B View fields, as well as Global Company Comments.


Introducing the Company Card in B2B View

The Company Card window gives you powerful B2B call management capabilities in one unified interface.

  1. Select Call List – choose a Call List from any list assigned to the current Campaign
  2. Select B2B View – this determines which columns are visible in the Companies List (campaign-specific and customized by your admin)
  3. Search – search e.g. for a name, company or number
  4. Companies List – shows the companies in your Call List at a glance.
  5. Global Call Result – click the icon to edit/create a Call Result for the whole company and/or contacts associated with the company. Tip: this creates a Virtual Call in your History with the Call Result and Comment
  6. Company First Contact – the first contact alphabetically associated with a specific company. Tip: use the dropdown to navigate to other company contacts
  7. Add Company – enables you to create a new company and contact quickly
  8. Global Company Comment – this shows the global comment associated with a specific company. Tip: add to a previous comment to avoid overwriting it.


The Company Call List and additional call features in B2B View

The lower part of the Company Card includes the company-specific Call List and additional features that enable highly productive B2B sales workflow.

  1. Company-specific Call List – shows all contacts associated with a specific company. Tip: this list enables you to see specific contact’s last call results at a glance.
  2. Account Dial icon – starts a call. Tip: this starts calling and opens the Contact Card, or Script if enabled.
  3. Add Contact – enables you to create a new contact associated with the current company, with pre-populated company data.
  4. History – call history and results
  5. Account Playback – the built-in LeadDesk Audio Player gives you immediate access to your Call Recordings. Tip: select a recording in the Call Recording column on the right of the History view
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