LD Agents - Inbound calls

The Incoming Calls tab

If Inbound has been enabled, this window gives the agent info about their Inbound status:

  1. Divert status – This explains your current Inbound divert status, either available for diverted calls from other agents, or not.
  2. Waiting time – displays your current time waiting for an incoming call.
  3. Answer automatically – by ticking this checkbox you will automatically be selected to answer the next available incoming call.

How to know when you can receive Inbound calls & Inbound blending

Under the Incoming Calls tab you can clearly see the green Inbound icon.
This means that you can receive incoming calls while being on this tab.

Enabling "inbound blending" administrators can choose to enable an agent to receive inbound calls in any view.
If this option has been selected for you, the green Inbound icon will be visible next to the Campaign selector in all tabs.

The Inbound LeadApp is available as an add-on for LeadDesk Software. If you need Inbound capabilities consult with your administrator and contact your LeadDesk representative.

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