A call recipient gets a call from a LeadDesk agent - but they should be on the DNC list

Q. A call recipient gets a call from an agent using LeadDesk - and complains to LeadDesk that they should be on the DNC list – what is the LeadDesk response?

A. LeadDesk is not responsible for the use of LeadDesk Contacts data. The call recipient should contact the agent/call center that called them. The agent should place the call recipient on their DNC list.

The call recipient can also contact their national DNC list (e.g. Robinson in Finland, Nix in Sweden, TPS in the UK etc.). Sales companies and call centers use national DNC lists to optimize their call efficiency. LeadDesk software makes it easy to integrate DNC lists into the telesales workflow.

The LeadDesk customers (e.g. call centers) that use the LeadDesk Contacts service are responsible for their use of the data and compliance with all applicable data protection laws and any other laws.

You can read more about LeadDesk Contacts in our Terms and Conditions.

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