LD Admin - External URL (Post call events)

After a phone call, LeadDesk allows you to send information from the system to (for instance) your CRM system. 

The external URL is called when the call information is saved into the database after ending a call. This event does not show in the agent's interface.

Please note:
- The external URL setting is campaign-specific and must be configured in the campaign editor.
- This doesn't use the possible return value from the HTTP request.
- This information is not valid when using LeadDesk "button" version.

LeadDesk sends all data from the call log entry.
This translates to following parameters:
- client_id
- call_logs_id
- reason_id (from call_logs.call_ending_reason)
- campaign_id (from call_logs.campaign)

Also if the contact's entry was linked to a call log entry, the following information is available:
- last_reason (from contact)
- all parameters from contacts entry

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Example of parameters passed over:
Other info field values (other_info_*) are passed only if they contain data, and other info titles (other_i_name_*) are passed only if they vary from the default name of the field.
Customers.id is not passed at all.

   [id] => 72423  (This is contact id)
   [phone] => +35840123123
   [fname] => Teuvo
   [lname] => Testaaja
   [address] => Testaajankatu 9
   [postal] => 53850
   [city] => Lappeenranta
   [other_info_ft] => MOB
   [other_info_sec] => MOB
   [client_id] => 1437
   [created_at] => 2018-01-11 13:15:14
   [updated_at] => 2018-02-28 12:38:39
   [other_i_name_1] => Beløb
   [other_i_name_2] => Frekvens
   [other_i_name_3] => Bank
   [other_i_name_4] => Reg.Nr
   [other_i_name_5] => Konto Nr.
   [other_i_name_6] => CPR Nr.
   [other_i_name_7] => Kommentar til aftalen
   [other_info_8] => 10612104
   [other_i_name_8] => BASE-ID
   [other_i_name_9] => STEDNAVN
   [other_info_10] => 727
   [other_i_name_10] => KOMMUNE-KODE
   [other_info_11] => Fuldtnavn_adresse
   [other_i_name_11] => Robinson
   [last_reason] => 11555
   [calling_list_id] => 3552
   [last_call_id] => 13959
   [reason_id] => 11555
   [campaign_id] => 1563
   [call_logs_id] => 13959

Example URL:

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