LD Admin - Campaigns - Agent and contact list selections

In this section you can attach agents and contact lists to campaigns.


You can select from the free agents available. It will first list free agents and then agents who are already connected to other campaigns. If you check agents that are in other campaigns, they will be forcefully moved to this campaign.

If agents are needed to call multiple campaigns, the rights need to be assign from Agents > Access Rights.

You can also attach contact lists to your campaign: You will see all available contact lists here. It will not show lists assigned to other campaigns. If you have lots of lists, you have a search bar available. If the list is empty, you need to upload a contact list.


On the bottom right of this part, you can see a button called Enable weighting. If you click that, all checked contact lists will get a text box next to them, where you can assign a weight to them. Weighting basically favors one or several lists over other lists. For an overview of how it all works, see Contact List Logic.


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