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LeadDesk provides you with the option to click a phonenumber on a website and dial it directly from your application, saving you some time or annoying typos.

Set up click to dial
Skype or other program opens click to dial instead

Set up click to dial

First, you'll have to install the Chrome extension from the Crhome web store.
Open up the Chrome menu (1) > More tools (2) > Extensions (3).

At the bottom of the list with installed extensions, you'll find a button that allows you to "Get more extenions". From the web store, look for "LeadDesk" (1). From the results list, install the "LeadDesk Button" (2).

From the extensions list (first screenshot) you'll now find the LeadDesk Button.
Click the "Enabled" checkbox (1), "Allow in incognito" (2) and "Allow access to file URLs" (3).
Next open up the "Options" (4).

Next you get to decide on how you'd want to use the Click to Dial system.

  • Patterns allows the system to recognize how a number is set-up.
  • Number prefix allows you to insert a prefix to a number you found online, changing for instance a local number to an international format.
  • VoIP type allows you to indicate whether you're using the LeadDesk browser button or the LeadDesk application (if indicated wrong, the extension will not work).
  • Automatic calls indicates whether or not a number will be automatically called, with or without the set amount of delayed seconds.

When the settings are according to your wishes / set-up, click the "Apply" button and restart the Chrome browser completely. If you're using the application, shut down the application once and open it once more.

Skype or other program opens up click to dial instead

There are other programs that allow you to use click-to-dial.
Though LeadDesk allows you to open these links, it is possible that your Windows settings take control over these types of links.

During the installation of the LeadDesk application (download link) > check the supported URL protocols

After the installation:

On the Start menu, select Settings.

Select Apps > 
Default apps.

Navigate to the bottom of the menu and select Choose default apps by protocol

Search for the CALLTO extension > click the program on the right side > select LeadDesk.

Do the same thing for the TEL extension.


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