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Offices can be used for multiple reasons. They can be used to organize campaigns, contact lists and agents/teamleaders. If any of these expects are connected to one office, they cannot be used for another. 

Offices also allow you to set timezones and IP restrictions for your agents.
IP restrictions can be set for a single IP or for a range in the following ways:

  • (single allowed IP)
  • /(192\.168\.1\.1|192\.168\.1\.2)/ (two allowed IP addresses)

From the Offices page you can send all colleagues in an office a message with the envelop icon.
The message will pop-up for the colleague and needs to be clicked on to remove.

From the Admin > Agents > Agent list > select your agent card.
Here you'll find the option "Restrict user's login ability by IP address which is set at office settings". By checking this checkbox, you will now restrict your agent according to the IP addresses from the Office settings.


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