LD Admin - Inbound routes (2-way VoIP)

Inbound routes
From the Inbound routes tab you'll find all inbound capable numbers that you have available.
In some situations, it makes sense to redirect numbers straight to one specific agent, rather than towards an inbound queue.
Imagine a situation where you give every agent his/her own outbound number. You could have customers who call back be connected to the same agent directly, rather than to a colleague. This principle is also known as 2-way VoIP, explained below.

(1) Inbound number - shows the source number where inbound calls can arrive.
(2) Destination user - shows the assigned agent to which inbound calls are directed.
(3) Destination - our Support can create custom destinations for incoming calls. These are special cases.
(4) Destination type -
- Agent: redirected to an agent as stated in (2).
- Inbound queue (grayed-out): this number is already in use as inbound queue.
- Not assigned: this number is free for use and is not yet forwarded anywhere.

By clicking a number (5), you can edit to where he is forwarded.
You can select multiple numbers in one go, or change one at a time.
A new pop-up (6) will allow you to assign any agent to this number.


2-way VoIP explained
Every LeadDesk agent has his/her own VoIP extension number, which can be seen as a person having their own phone number. When calling out, LeadDesk overwrites this VoIP extension number with the outbound caller ID set from the campaign settings or from the agent's information card.

Based on how you'd want to process your lead flow, you should consider what happens when the lead calls back to the number that he or she was called on. When a call is returned, you can choose to:

A) Not have the call go anywhere - disconnected tone will play.
B) Use LeadDesk inbound functionality - the caller will be placed in a queue.
C) Use 2-Way VoIP - the caller is redirected to the agent who called him/her.

Red line in flowchart below explains the route of a 2-way VoIP call set-up as described above.

Please note: For 2-way VoIP to work, the number needs to be owned by LeadDesk as we need to be able to redirect traffic from and to the number. 


Agent is unavailable for call
When the agent is unable to take a call but is logged into LeadDesk, a busy tone will play.
When the agent is not logged in, the customer can be redirected to a voicemail.
This is set from the Agent's interface on the Settings tab (1) where you can define the "not reachable" destination (2). From the drop-down you can select the e-mail address from the agent which is set from the Admin > Agents > agent's information card.
You can record your own voicemail greeting message (3) from this tab as well. 

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