LD Admin - IVR

An IVR allows you to guide incoming callers through a menu of choices, diverting them to one of several destinations of your choice. With an IVR you can save time by having the caller select to whom (person or channel) they want to speak.

A basic IVR has a join announcement ("Welcome to..."), a question tree ("press 1 for...") and a possible announcement for the queue ("you will now be forwarded to..."). 
An advanced IVR can have follow-up questions to further specify a callers path and have the caller answer your questions before the call reaches your agents.
To order an IVR please deliver the above mentioned announcements in separate sound files (min. requirement: question tree) to your sales representative. 

Per end channel (typically one per question "press 1 for...") we'll create a channel visible on your Inbound > Channels-tab. 

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