LD Admin - Inbound queues

From the Admin > Overview (1) > Inbound queues (2) you'll have a quick overview of all the different inbound channels that you have and how they're currently being used.
Please note that via the Reporting tab, reports are available to get long-term statistics.

(3) Queue's number - The source telephone number of the queue.
(4) Name - The name given to the queue via the Channels tab.
(5) Priority - The priority given to the queue via the Channels tab.
(6) In queue - The amount of callers currently waiting in the queue.
(7) Diverted - The amount of calls that have been diverted (to another queue or number). 
(8) Disconnected - The amount of inbound calls that have been forced from the queue.
(9) No service - when a call arrives at an open queue and didn't reach an agent, the call is counted here.
(10) Failed transfers - the amount of failed transfers today.
(11) Avg service time - Average time for inbound calls to be picked up by an agent.
(12) Inbound agents online - Amount of agents that are online and have the ability (skill, active on campaign and on inbound tab) to pick up a call for this queue.
(13) Busy - Amount of agents that are online (12), but are unable to take a call.
(14) Available - Amount of agents that are online (12) and able to take a call.

By clicking on one of the queues, you'll find a second overview (15) underneath the overview of queues.
This table will show you details on which agents are available, their status and duration of the last status.


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