LD Admin - Manuscript Tool

Basic idea: 
As an admin, create a callstructure in the manuscript tool via the admin page. 
In the manuscript, you can use questions with dynamic information and input fields.
You can create an infinite amount of manuscripts which you can freely attach to any campaign, based on your needs.
From the agent's perspective, the manuscript can pop up automatically when a call starts or can be made selectable if necessary. They can use input fields to register answers to their questions, which can then be converted into an automated e-mail to be send to the customer as a confirmation.

Manuscript will unify the way that your agents approach their leads, where you can instantly update the script if necessary to avoid pitfalls and where inexperienced agents will have access to the same information as the experienced ones.

In practice:

Admin users can create new manuscripts and assign them to campaigns and also view manuscript results entered by agents. Agents can view Manuscript tab in Call Dialog.
Manuscript results are always tied to a contact and a call: there cannot be a manuscript input/result without a contact and a call.

From the Admin panel, the interface gives you a chance to edit text like you would in Word.

The Dynamic values allow you to put in information from the contact card to personalize the text.
- "Good morning" can be turned into "Good morning Mr Smith".
- When you upload a contact list, you could include personal information about a customer, which you could load into your manuscript "I can see you have bought product -X- in the past, would you be interested in (...)".

You can build a path where a certain question can skip an entire piece of text, smoothing the conversation.
- If customer says -A-, go to page 2, if customer says -B-, go to page 5.

Previous calls and manuscript results
Admins can access previous manuscripts from Overview > Calls and Overview > Deals and Overview > Search tabs. By default agents can access previous manuscripts only from History tab. Any changes done in manuscript results will overwrite old ones immediately after closing Call Dialog and cannot be reverted. Do note that if admin changes manuscript is campaign settings, previous manuscripts cannot be accessed by agent anymore.

If manuscript is used in call specific mode (default mode), admins and agents can see only results entered during that particular call. On the other hand if manuscript setting Relation: Contact Specific Manuscript is enabled, Machine (for both agent and admin) will always show the latest manuscript entered for this contact. When saving manuscript without ongoing call and with contact specific setting enabled, it will overwrite the latest manuscript result, and old results are left unchanged. When call is ongoing, Machine will show previous results as a template, but saving results will not overwrite anything. Agent will also be able to access old manuscripts from Orders and Call > Contact List tabs.

Contact Specific limitations: From LeadDesk perspective contact is a row on a contact list. If there are two contacts on separate calling lists having the same name, phone and social security code, they will still be two different contacts. Agents will run into this, if they for example use call ending reasons which transfer contacts from current contact list to another. If campaign changes in process, agent will not be able to access the manuscript of this contact anymore.

Call specific manuscript:
This is the usual manuscript that opens up per each call

Contact specific manuscript:
When calling to contact 2nd time it will open the manuscript saved in first call etc

Admin can edit manuscript results:
Overview > Calls > can open contact card and edit manuscript
Overview > Search > Calls > can open contact card and edit manuscript

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