LD Agents - Keyboard shortcuts

LeadDesk allows you to use shortcuts on your keyboard to speed up how you can use the application.
You can also use certain Windows OS combinations with LeadDesk.

LeadDesk application shortcuts

Ctrl + Space Quick divert: transfer the call immediately to a randomly selected free agent.
Esc Disconnects the currently open call. If the agent is in the manual call tab, then this clears the manual call number input field.
F1 Shortcut for Deal call ending reason
F2 Shortcut for Answering machine call ending reason

Windows Application shortcuts

F10 Starts LeadDesk Remote Support Tool (ver 6.10 and newer).
Ctrl + substract Zoom out.
Ctrl + plus Zoom in.
Ctrl + F5 Force reloads web page.
Ctrl + F11 Opens Web Developers tools. (Note! Requires that Chrome is installed)
Ctrl + F12 Enable/disable debug printing.
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