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Column descriptions for the Predictive Dialer

Name Description
Error Error indicator: If the dialer freezes or hangs, then red icon is shown to indicate that something is wrong.
Please contact LeadDesk support if the dialer does not respond to commands.
Name Name of the caller robot. This is defined by the LeadDesk personnel when the predictive robot is created.
Status Current status of the predictive dialer
  • shutdown => Dialer is not active
  • starting => Dialer is starting up
  • stopping => Dialer is shutting itself down
  • waiting => Dialer is active, but can't make calls at the moment. Check the error indicator for more information.
  • calling => Dialer is working normally and calling to customers
Campaign Dialer's current campaign. If campaign is not selected, then dialer can't make any calls
Calling How many active lines are currently calling to customers
Calls How many calls have been launched today or since last reset. This statistics is increased immediately when dialer makes the call
Numbers remaining How many contacts are left in the campaign. Conditions:
  • not removed from calling list (=not finalized)
  • call attempts remaining
  • not locked or reserved to other agents/dialers
Transferred calls Shows how many successful transfers to agents have been made today or since last reset. Statistics is increased when call is transferred to an agent and agents has confirmed the transfer.
Drop calls Shows how many customers have been hung up because there haven't been free agents when the call is answered. Shows statistics from today or since last reset.
Failed transfers Shows how many call transfers have been failed today or since last reset. Statistics is increased when call is transferred to an agent but the agent don't confirm the transfer during 15 seconds. If a call is transferred to the wrong agent due to a bad VoIP configuration (e.g. same voip account), the call is still considered as failed.
Not answered calls Shows how many calls have not been answered today or since last reset. This can happen if call ring time is reached, calling fails completely (e.g. VoIP error) or receiver rejects the call before ring time runs out. Ring time is configurable, but is usually something like 25-35 seconds.
Voicemail calls Shows how many calls were answered too fast and was considered to be answered as voicemail today or since last reset. These calls are disconnected immediately and are not transferred to agents.
Dropout rate target Admin can set what dropout target percent the predictive dialer should achieve. Predictive dialer adjusts it's speed based on difference between target and actual dropout rate. There's also couple of special modes available:
  • Turbo: Predictive dialer is set to constant aggressiveness and it ignores the dropouts completely. This is approximately 150% of the speed when predictive would be exactly on target drop out rate.
  • Nitro: Predictive dialer is set to constant aggressiveness and it ignores the dropouts completely. This is approximately 200% of the speed when predictive would be exactly on target drop out rate.
  • Total calls (=calls) = answered calls + not answered calls + calling
  • Dropout rate = Dropout calls / Total calls

Configuration Dialog

Name of the predictive dialer on the user interface. No functional effects.
Campaign that predictive dialer will be calling. It calls the contact lists attached to campaign and will transfer calls to agents in this campaign.
Used algorithm which determines when to make new calls
  • Predictive: Predictive dialer is smarter algorithm that tries to predict when agents will be free and make calls to customers before agent is available
  • Powerdialer: Simple dialer that makes calls periodically depending on how many agent is available at the moment. Simple formula to calculate wait time between calls is: 20sec / ([free agents] * [intensity])
Ring time
How long the dialer will try to call to customer before giving up. Due to call network slowness this time is not equal to time how long the phone rings on the customer's end. Some seconds will be consumed on connecting to customer. This delay can vary between VoIP providers. If call is not answered within this
time the call will be marked as 'not answered'.
Maximum idle time
If predictive dialer has nothing to do (=make calls) for some time then it will automatically shutdown itself. This time determines that maximum time predictive can be idle before shutting down.
Answering Machine Detection (aka AMD) 

Option None

With this option the Dialer will not filter any answering machines. 

Option Simple

Modern voicemail detection that is configured in our VoIP servers. If enabled, then predictive dialer attempts to detect voicemail by listening to customer's answer to call. If determined as voicemail then call will be hung up and call is marked as voicemail. Otherwise the call is transferred to agent. AMD will make a small delay when the call is transferred to agent so if transfer speed is crucial then AMD should be turned off.

Option Time-based

If call is answered faster than this threshold then call is considered to be answered by voicemail. Same ring time rules apply as in "ring time" settings, so finding a proper value here might depend on the VoIP operator. This is an alternative to the simple mode and these two detection modes don't work simultaneously.

Transfer calls (Dropped calls will be hung up by default): This is an on /off option. 

Please note: Robot handles lists similarly to the automatic dialer and creates calls in same order.
The outbound number is selected at random by the robot from all outbound numbers checked in the campaign settings. The chance of the robot using a number is evenly distributed among the amount of numbers that are available.

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