LD Agents - Settings

You are an agent and need to change your password or setup up a personalized voicemail? In the below guide you will find instructions on how to use the "Settings" tab to do so. 


LD Agents - Settings

You find "Settings" from Agent view->tab "Settings"

Here you can change your password, set unavailable destination (what happens to the inbound call when you are not logged in) & set voicemail from "Settings"

Change Password

Type your Old password-> Type New Password->Retype new password.

"Not reachable" destination ( Where should the agent's inbound call/s be forwarded to when the agent is not logged in?). Options are: 

-Hang up (1)

-Personalized voicemail (2): In order to make this option available, the agent's e-mail needs to be set from dmin view over Admin-> Agents->specific agent 

Voicemail greeting

Record your personalized voicemail, you can also play the recording back after the recording.

Forgot your password?

Please contact your administrator to have him/her reset your password. This can be done in a few clicks.
If your administrator is unavailable, you can contact LeadDesk Support.
Please note that by policy we need a confirmation from your manager to be allowed to reset your password.


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