LD Agents - Settings

LD Agents - Settings

You find "settings" from Agent view->tab "settings"

Here you can change password, set unavailable destination & set voicemail from "Settings"

Set Password

Set old password->set new password->repeat new password.

Unavailable destination ( Where the agent's incoming calls will be forwarded to when the agent is not logged in? ) 

-Hang up

-Personalized voicemail

-Agents E-mail need to be set from Admin->agents->specific agent to make this option available. 

Record voicemail

Record your personalized voicemail, you can also play the recording back after the recording.

Forgot your password?

Please contact your administrator to have him/her reset your password. This can be done in a few clicks.
If your administrator is unavailable, you can contact LeadDesk Support.
Please note that by policy we need a confirmation from your manager to be allowed to reset your password.

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