LeadDesk Release 71 – message templates and outbound IVR

LeadDesk Software Release 71

LeadDesk release 71 is planned to go live for all customers on Wednesday, 6 July, 2016.

Please note that some features and fixes, including those for outbound IVR are license-dependent and only applicable if you have specific LeadApps or the related features enabled. 

Highlights in release 71:

  • Admin > Predictive: Outbound IVR with call routing, announcements and queuing. Contact your LeadDesk salesperson for more information.

  • Admin/Agent > Message templates: Admins can now assign multiple email or text message templates to call ending reasons. Use of a template or templates can be made compulsory or agents can be given the freedom to choose from the available templates.

  • Admin > Contact lists > Export: Exported lists now include a column for the outbound call count

  • Admin > Overview: The agents online widget now correctly displays the correct amount of online agents

Fixes and more... 

  • Performance improvements for the LeadDesk Web API, LeadApps store and campaign URL windows.


LeadDesk Release 71.1 change log

  • Full release: 11.7.2016

New features for all clients:

  • Extended Security: IP-restrictions to all user levels (team leader, manager).
  • Admin > Campaigns > Contact settings: Year of birth and gender fields added to "Order's mandatory contact detail" selection. 
  • Team Leader > Agents > Add new: Team leader can create new agents to offices he has permission for. 
  • Admin > Contact Lists > Blacklist > Adding new column to show information when number added to blacklist. 


  • Optimize offices_view and agents_view query. 
  • Admin > Overview > Dashboard: Long headings supported in Chart widget data display. 
  • Admin > Overview > Dashboard: Finetuning edit controls.
  • Admin > Overview > Dashboard: Add tooltips to widgets. 
  • Admin > Overview > Dashboard: Long names supported in BigNum widget layout. 
  • Admin > Overview > Dashboard: Office filter always updates the widgets.

If you have any questions or requests, please contact support@leaddesk.com or use our online ticket form.

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