LD Agents - Your call cannot be completed as dialed.

When making a call, it is possible that you receive feedback from LeadDesk as "Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and try again".

This message can have several reasons (listed in most common order):

  • The number being called has the wrong format (missing number, etc.).
  • The number is not known / number is no longer in use.
  • The number cannot be reached (out of reach of network or switched off phone).
    Additional: number does not have voicemail to which a provider could forward your call when the number cannot be reached. 

Our service provides you with this recording as feedback to let you, as an agent, know that the number that you are trying to reach is (temporarily) out of reach.

Having "bad" numbers in your calling list can cause you to lose valuable agent calling time.

We recommend that you (re)move these numbers by:

  • Checking your list against the Contact Update Tool Leadapp.
    The LeadDesk Contact Update Tool automatically cleans the data from your own subscriber/contacts lists by integrating and synchronizing with leading national contacts database providers.
  • Using a waiting period via the campaign settings,
  • Using a call ending reason which would automatically move it to another location or remove it completely from the list.

How to report this:
If you believe these numbers should be reachable, please forward the case to us via e-mail.
Please include:
- Phone number + time stamp 
- Can this number be reached via a regular phone?
We'll review every case sent to us and provide you with feedback accordingly!

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