LeadDesk Release 70 – skills-based routing for email

LeadDesk Software Release 70

LeadDesk release 70 is planned to go live for all customers on Monday, 6 June, 2016.

LeadDesk multi-channel customers can now apply skills-based routing to email queues. We have also streamlined some aspects of monitoring, predictive and ordering. 

Please note that some features and fixes, including those for multi-channel email, Predictive Dialer and B2B View are only applicable if you have specific LeadApps or the related features enabled.


Highlights in release 70:

  • Admin > Inbound: You can now configure agent skills-based routing for inbound email queues. Skills can be assigned weightings to prioritize the most suitable agents for each incoming email.
  • Admin > Contacts: In the contact lists view, you can now see the total number of call attempts made to each list, and sort by this criterion.
  • Admin/Agent > Ordering: Product fields can now be made mandatory. Agents receive error messages if they do not fill in mandatory fields
  • Admin/Agent > LeadApps: access to different LeadApps and customized views can now be restricted to different user levels and individual users.

 Fixes and more...

  • Admin: Call count behavior in various monitoring views now does not count orders made without calls.
  • Admin/Agent: Contact number update dialogues have been streamlined. Updating and restoring numbers is now more intuitive.
  • Admin > Contact lists: Fixed an issue with splitting and joining contacts lists behavior.
  • Agent > Inbound: Fixed an issue with activity time under some conditions. Inbound calls from different campaigns are now correctly updated in agent activity logs.
  • Admin > Predictive dialer: Voicemail detection time remembers its value for later use even if it is disabled.
  • Admin/Agent > Predictive dialer: Optimized behavior for call diverts.
  • Admin/Agent > Predictive dialer: Predictive no longer continues to attempt calls if only banned agents are available.
  • Agent > B2B View: Fixed some SQL errors.
  • Admin > Agents: Agent Group creation now requires you to name the group. A group name is mandatory, which makes sense. Sometimes, we like to name our agent groups after heavy rock bands, like AC/DC and Iron Maiden. You don’t have to do this.

As ever, we are listening. If you have any questions or requests, please contact support@leaddesk.com or use our online ticket form.

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