LeadDesk Release 72 – reporting and search improvements

LeadDesk release 72 is planned to go live for all customers on Monday, 18 July, 2016.

Please note that some features and fixes, including are license-dependent and only applicable if you have specific LeadApps or the related features enabled. 

Highlights in release 72:

  • Admin > Reports: Team leader can filter reports by the offices that he has permission for.
  • Admin > Search: Admins can add comments to contact, in the admin panel Search view, without making a call
  • Agent > Comment: Agents are able to see both admin made comments and call comments in the Comment tab's history table

Fixes and more... 

  • Performance improvements for the campaign filter, dashboard and campaign URL windows.


LeadDesk Release 72.1 change log

  • Full release: 2.8.2016

New features for all clients:

  • Admin > Agents: Added new field "Employment ended".
  • Admin > Contact Lists > Contact Management: Remove contacts by VAT-number. 
  • Agent > Call: Open manuscript for manually created (simulated) calls. 


  • Admin > manuscript tool - dropdown menu item - dropdown menu description length. 
  • Admin > Overview > Dashboard: Add widget dropdown should reset after adding a widget. 
  • Admin > Overview > Dashboard: Filters shouldn't be accessible when widgets are in Edit mode. 
  • Admin > Reports: Base64 encoded filter values are not URL encoded properly. 
  • Agent > Callwindow: editable multiple message templates are shown in random order to agent. 
  • Common: Javascript error caused by missing trymbowyg language file fixed.



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