Troubleshooting e-mails not being send

When using an e-mail template it might occur that your e-mail doesn't reach the recipient.
When this happens, please review the following:

  • Do you get an error pop-up when sending out an e-mail? Contact Support.
  • Did the e-mail end up in the customer's spam folder?
  • Is the e-mail template filled out completely, especially the "Template sending properties"?
  • Is the e-mail template attached on the correct Call Ending Reason?
  • If the template uses information from the contact form, was the contact card filled out correctly (blank field(s) or spelling mistakes)?
  • Does your e-mail host use a Sender Policy Framework (SPF)?
    If you have local IT, please confirm with them if this is set up.
    You could check this online, for instance here

If an SPF is in place, you'll need to add the following:
Example: "v=spf1 ~all"

When including this into the record, it should be noted that RFC7208 4.6.4 limits the maximum amount of DNS requests for a SPF to 10.
Our SPF generates 5 DNS requests, meaning that if you have multiple items in your SPF record, it's possible that the maximum number of 10 will be exceeded.

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