LeadDesk Release 67 – inbound callback notifications

LeadDesk Software Release 67

LeadDesk release 67 goes live on Monday, 21 March.

Agents will now be notified at the end of an inbound call if the inbound caller has an active callback. The Agent will be prompted at the end of the call and have the option to delete the callback or leave it scheduled.

Highlights in r67:

  • Agent > Inbound: Inbound caller active callback notification
  • Admin: Admins can now grant permissions to Team Leaders for multiple offices
  • API: The LeadDesk API can now enable/disable various contact lists editing features, including contact list update, delete and download
  • Admin > Contact Lists: Duplicated, moved or split contact lists now include customized fields
  • Admin > Predictive Dialer: Admins now have the option to enable/disable answer machine detection


In addition, we have improved the responsiveness of call ending reasons and fixed some date picker issues


Release r67.0.1 change log

  • Full release: 23.3.2016


  • Admin > Contact lists: Adding contacts to existing contact list works as intended.


Release r67.1 change log

  • Full release: 31.3.2016

New features for all clients:

  • Admin > Overview > Call robots: Increase in predictive dialer's maximum idle time. 
  • Common: View order history and content in contact card is enabled. 
  • SIP.js call engine implemented for browser calling. 

New features that can be enabled for clients or additions to previous features:

  • Sponsor > Overview > Orders: recording column can be hidden.


  • Agent > Call window: Contact search is possible with more than one keyword 
  • Admin > Campaign editor (&global call ending reason editor): new dropdowns fixes
  • Admin > Contact Lists > Blacklist > Create/Edit Phone number field wrong error message is fixed
  • Admin: Teamleader is allowed to open agent card. 
  • Campaign URL: {ld_gender} tag works with campaign URL 
  • Campaign editor: unused predictive dialer settings are removed

For questions, requests, and to activate additional features, please contact your LeadDesk rep.

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