LeadDesk Release 66 – new keyboard shortcuts and calendar search

LeadDesk Software Release 66

LeadDesk release 66 goes live on Tuesday, 1 March.

In the Meeting Calendars LeadApp there is a new search function available to all meeting participants (requires Meeting Calendars LeadApp to be enabled). It is now quick and easy to search and navigate to different meetings. Search results are limited depending on the user type:

  • Participants can search for meetings to which they have been assigned
  • Team leaders and managers can search for meetings assigned to their project

Calendar search has also been added to the LeadDesk API.


New shortcuts have been added for agents so that they can rapidly enter call ending reasons and move even quicker to the next call. The new F1/F2 shortcuts are for Deal and Answering Machine call ending reasons.

Here is a summary of the available LeadDesk agent keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl + Space Quick transfer (the call is immediately diverted to a randomly selected free agent)
Esc Quick disconnect (the current call is disconnected. If the agent is in the manual call tab, this clears the manual call number input field)
F1 Call ending reason - Deal
F2 Call ending reason - Answering Machine


Highlights in r66

New features:

  • Admin/Team Leader/Agent > Meeting calendars: New Search function (requires Meeting Calendars LeadApp)
  • Agent: New keyboard shortcuts for call ending reasons.
  • Agent > Call: Agents can now make assisted transfers using on screen keypad entry and DTMF
  • Agent: Where a campaign uses a single Campaign URL, the Campaign URL now opens as a full window
  • Admin > Contacts: Admins can now see a total number of contacts when viewing contact lists


  • Admin > Contact Lists: The Office selection option is now hidden from Sponsor users
  • Admin > Overview > Search: Fixed an issue where search results were not sorted in some scenarios
  • Agent > Call: Fixed an issue where the incorrect campaign tab was opened with a direct inbound call
  • Agent > Call: The Contact Card now opens as expected if there is no Script assigned to the Campaign, unless a different tab is selected in the campaign’s settings under "Default call dialog tab"
  • Agent > Inbound: Fixed an issue where the “connected” notification would persist after call ending in some scenarios
  • Agent: Special characters are now displayed correctly for sponsor name and campaign name in the agent UI
  • Admin/Agent > various windows: Fixed an issue where some date selectors were displaying in English rather than the selected language
  • Agent > Meeting Calendars: Fixed an issue with calendar dates displaying the year incorrectly
  • Agent > Meeting Calendars: Fixed an issue with special characters causing display errors in some scenarios


Release r66.0.1 change log

  • Full release: 2.3.2016


  • Admin and Agent: localized datepicker without initial value is created. 
  • Modifying or creating order - marked always for today.


Release r66.0.2 change log

  • Full release: 2.3.2016


  • Login page > Release notes: element goes over the "Read the full release notes" link.


Release r66.0.3 change log

  • Full release: 4.3.2016


  • External URL bugs are fixed (HTTPS and redirects are working properly)


Release r66.1 change log

  • Full release: 11.3.2016

New features:

  • Client manager: configurable setting for limiting amount of rows displayed when opening contact lists in admin panel. 
  • Agent - CallDialog: post message improvements. 
  • Client config: read from replica. 


For questions, requests, and to activate additional features, please contact your LeadDesk rep.

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