LeadDesk Release 65 – new look log in page

LeadDesk Software Release 65


LeadDesk r65 goes live on Wednesday, 20 January.

All agents and admins will immediately see the new look log in page at login.leaddesk.com


Highlights in release 65

  • Admin: Mandatory fields are now more clearly marked in various Admin panel views
  • All: New look LeadDesk log in page

Additional features

  • Admin > Contact lists: You can now give team leaders are ability to change a contact list’s office assignment. Contact your LeadDesk rep for more info about enabling this.


  • Admin > Agents: Remove page reloading on office change
  • Admin > Contact lists: Support for exporting massive lists as Excel files is now limited to 16383 contacts.
  • Admin > Predictive Dialer: Fixed a robot datatable error
  • Agent > History: Outbound numbers are now shown to the call recipient as expected when calling from the history tab.
  • Agent: Fixed an issue that was causing duplicate agent activity entries under some circumstances.
  • Agent: Fixed an error where the notification for an agent being away after a missed inbound call flag did not operate as expected.
  • Admin: Fixed various SQL error messages, including during some contact list splitting processes

For more information or questions about new features, please contact your local LeadDesk representative.


Release r65.1 change log

  • Full release: 29.1.2016

New features for all clients:

  • Adding postal code for custom table views. 
  • Admin > objectives > Meeting calendars: Attach calendar message template management to admin panel. 


  • Admin > Inbound: Inactive agents are shown on the Skills page.
  • Agent > Call > Contact list: email functionality is launched from other icons too.
  • Agents > call dialog > campaign url: contact data not delivered to campaign url with inbound call. 
  • Collation is not forced to utf8_swedish_ci when agents.office is used in sql joins.


Release r65.2 change log

  • Full release: 5.2.2016

New features for all clients:

  • Add widget icon data to common widgets. 
  • Add support for storing generic user specific data into LeadDesk. 


  • Admin: Shortcut search fails when user has restricted view permissions. 
  • Common: Fix potential SQL problem with "modify_call" request. 
  • Contact List > Create > Filters > Blacklist: list not alphabetically sorted 
  • call_logs can get wrong phone number. 
  • Add retry functionality and logging to Redis session handler.


Release r65.3 change log

  • Full release: 16.2.2016


  • Admin > Dashboard > Contact lists: Predictive calls don't always mark contact as used.
  • Admin > Overview > Search: Result set contains removed contacts, lists etc. 
  • Admin and agent > New login page: line break handling in news data. 
  • Campaign url data not shown for incoming calls. 
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