LeadDesk Release 64 – date formats, access to call recordings and agent voicemail

LeadDesk Software release 64

Release 64 is planned to go live on December 10. The highlights include date/time format options in line with ISO 8601, the ability for agents to easily access all call recordings related to a contact, and easy access to voicemail message creation.


New features for all customers:

  • Admin > Global settings: There is new menu of drop downs and options for date and time localization.
  • Agent > Contact Card: In a contact’s history, agents can now listen to previous calls to the contact. 
  • Admin > Campaign: New option to allow agents to listen to their colleagues’ call recordings.
  • Agent > Settings: Agents can now record their own custom voicemail message. 


Release 64 also includes some minor fixes:

  • Agent > Call Window: Fixed an issue where the comment tab would show one comment when there are not any comments in some scenarios. 
  • Agent: Fixed an issue so that an agent’s manual call has the correct duration and valid value in the call log. 
  • Agent > History: Fixed an issue so that unanswered calls no longer get manuscript results.
  • Agent/Admin: Fixed an issue where inbound calls were logged to the incorrect campaign in some scenarios.


Release r64.1 change log

New features for all clients:

  • Admin > Contact lists: When you add to an existing list, the choice of offices now includes "no office'" and "all offices"
  • Admin > Inbound > Statistics: You can now see all enabled queues 
  • Admin > Overview > Search > Calls: New contact list column


  • Admin > Campaigns: Fixed some call ending reasons being duplicated when saving a campaign 
  • Admin > Contact Lists: Fixed the office changing prompt working properly when using a keyboard
  • Admin > Contact Lists: Show contact list contents now shows HTML tags in writing instead of symbols
  • Admin > Contact lists: Fixed mass SMS displaying incorrect fields in some scenarios 
  • Admin > General Settings > Global Settings: Updated global settings page. 
  • Agent > Call > Callbacks:  Long words are now wrapped (not rapped) as expected 
  • Agent > Inbound: Fixed an issue where the wrong contact card was opening under some circumstances
  • Fixed some errors with erroneous call times and PHP error warnings  


Release r64.1.1 change log


  • Admin > Contact Lists: Splitting contact lists causes now longer causes duplicated products


Release r64.1.2 change log


  • Admin > Campaigns: In the campaign editor hiding global call ending reasons now works as expected
  • Admin > Overview > Call Robots: Fixed some column display issues with long texts


Release r64.2 change log

New features for all clients:

  • Admin > Agents > Access rights: Prompt when setting global access rights 
  • Agent > Call > Callbacks: New support for postal codes in callback tables


  • Admin > Campaigns and Contact Lists: Pages no longer reload when changing office 


For questions, requests and to activate additional features for your virtual contact center, please contact your LeadDesk rep.

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