LeadDesk Release 61.8 – web chat and more multichannel

LeadDesk R&D has been busy with incremental releases to improve agent and admin efficiency and help you close more deals faster.

Call or email your LeadDesk rep for more on activating LeadApps – like Giosg web chat and Remote Listener – and get the most out of your virtual contact centre.


Giosg web chat integration and multichannel enhancements

The LeadDesk platform gives third party developers great opportunities to offer you unique features for your virtual contact centre. Our open approach and secure web API mean that you can get the right solution to fit your business - as you ramp up multichannel, for example. 

Web chat is an excellent way to engage customers and increase conversions. We have been running a successful pilot with one of our web chat partners, Giosg. We are happy to announce that Giosg for LeadDesk is available as an add-on LeadApp for our customers. Read more in the LeadApps store under Admin > General Settings > LeadApps.


New LeadDesk browser-based Remote Listener

The new browser-based LeadDesk Remote Listener goes live on Wednesday, 30th September. Existing users of the application-based Remote Listener LeadApp will be able to access the new browser-based version under Admin > General Settings > Remote Listener.

The new Remote Listener enables you to listen, participate and live whisper with VoIP-based calls. It is a great tool for monitoring, performance improvement and closing deals!

Please note: The new browser-based Remote Listener is for users of LeadDesk VoIP services.


Release notes: LeadDesk Software 61.8

Here is the list of fixes and features from incremental releases since r61. Let's start with release 61.8 that goes live on Wednesday, 30th September: 

New Remote Listener LeadApp

  • Admin > Remote Listener: New browser-based remote listener tool now available for 2-way call monitoring (log in to LeadDesk and activate in the LeadApps store)

Other updates:

  • Admin > contact lists: Massive contact lists over 10,000 contacts can now be viewed as expected.
  • Agent > Call: fixed call engine issues under certain conditions with empty mandatory field errors.
  • Agent > Call: Hidden “other info” fields are no longer deleted when an order is made.
  • Plus minor fixes and performance improvements.


Release notes: LeadDesk Software r61.1-r61.7

New multichannel enhancements

  • Admin > General settings > Message templates: New tags can now be added to message templates.
  • Admin: Support for custom tags and for advanced email template tags.
  • Admin > Call ending reasons: SMS and email templates can now be added to call ending reasons via the admin panel.
  • Agent > Call: For agents using inbound/blended, campaign selection now correctly follows the call/message selected from the queue.

 Other updates:

  • Agent > Contact card: Contact data can now be automatically saved on closing a contact card (activate in Admin > General Settings > LeadApps)
  • Agent > Call recording: Order receipt recording now always includes 2-way audio.
  • Agent > Call Dialog > B2B View: You can now select "company status" (requires the B2B View LeadApp to be activated)
  • Admin > Campaigns > Campaign editor: Call ending reason editor drag and drop now operates as expected
  • Admin > Phone book: Errors are now displayed correctly.
  • Agent > Call: In preview/semi-automatic dialler mode selecting a website link now operates as expected and takes the URL from the correct field.
  • Admin > Products > Manuscript Tool: In the manuscript editor, tag generation now operates as expected.
  • Agent > Call: Contact is now always marked as used after selecting the contact and removing a call ending reason.
  • Admin > Campaign editor: You can now select the type of contact card fields.
  • Agent > Contact card: There is now an optional select box for agent contact card fields.
  • Admin > Campaigns: Copying a campaign now also copies custom fields.
  • Admin > Sponsors: Subscriber list page content now displays correctly after file upload.
  • Agent > Order status: A status assigned as hidden is now not displayed to agents.
  • Agent > Contact card: Gender information is now visible and editable.
  • Agent > Call > Callbacks: Agents can now set a date as empty.
  • Admin > Overview: Orders without calls are now supported in all views.

Plus minor fixes and performance improvements to: order comments; use of special characters in ordering; contact list volume calculation; agent chat window and permissions behaviour; preview dialling contact fields; blacklist upload; display of multiple call ending reasons; international code prefixes; script localisation; email and email editor performance; email attachment behaviour.

Remember, we develop LeadDesk to positively affect your business. Please get in touch with your requests.


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