LeadDesk Release 62 – smart contact list weighting

Welcome to LeadDesk 62. Remember, please contact your LeadDesk rep for more on using LeadDesk to close even deals!

This release cycle has included work on performance and security. We have been making security tweaks to achieve SOC3 compliance in cooperation with an external auditor and to ensure that LeadDesk meets the highest global operational standards.

LeadDesk Software release 62-62.1 change log


  • Admin > Campaign: Contact list weights for automatic calling
  • Agent > Call > Progressive call: The voicemail maximum ringing time is now not contact dependent
  • Admin > Agent: the functioning of the agent settings page is no longer tied to the extended security feature 
  • Admin > Campaigns > Campaign List > Edit campaign: The global reason automatic sending checkbox is now saved as expected
  • Admin > Overview > Agent: Very long call times are now displayed correctly
  • Agent > Call > B2B: An event reason now affects a contact’s last reason
  • Admin > Contacts: Fixed contacts from deleted lists opening up when receiving inbound calls
  • Admin > Campaign: Contact email now supported in campaign URLs
  • Admin > Agents > Agent groups > Create new agent group: Fixed an issue where the agent list was incorrectly displayed in some scenarios
  • Admin > Campaigns > Settings: Default outbound number dropdown now correctly displays
  • Admin > Contact Lists > Content of contact list: Tags now possible in the name field
  • Admin > General settings and Campaigns > Call reason editor: Message template multi-select subheadings appear correctly
  • Admin > Office filter: "(No office)" now stays as the active office when changing views
  • Admin > Overview > Calls: The "Not selected" filter is no longer selected by default
  • Admin > Overview > Dashboard: Fixed an issue where the campaign filter contained only office-less campaigns in some scenarios 
  • Admin > Searchable lists: The progress icon now displays as expected. We are always making progress.
  • Agent > login: Fixed an issue with VoIP account assignment in some scenarios

LeadDesk Software release 62.2 change log

  • Admin: Admins can now create callbacks. 
  • Agent > Call > Contact list: Agents can now view the agent that contacted the customer last.
  • Agent > Call > Contact list: Filtering now enabled based on locked contacts .
  • Agent > Call > Contact list: The reserved contact filter now behaves as expected and affects the number of contacts.
  • Agent > Call > Contact list: Search now supports the email address field. 
  • Agent > CallDialog: The dialog now shows the name of the agent that made the last answered call to the contact. 
  • Agent: Find contact search now includes support for phone numbers. 
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