LeadDesk Release 63 – more transaction compliance options for different countries

LeadDesk release 63 is all about closing more deals with maximum regulatory compliance and the right evidence trail. 

Our philosophy is to build in the right compliance tools that make agent workflow as efficient as possible. We want you to stay one step ahead with solutions like PCI DSS compliance, 2-way SMS order confirmation, compliant call recording and voice receipts. 

We have now made it fast and intuitive to capture voice receipts for agents working in the cloud with browser-based LeadDesk. 

Voice receipt recordings are linked to orders and easy to download and review. 


Highlights in r63:

  • Agent: Support for voice receipts is now enabled for browser-based LeadDesk agents. 
  • Agent > Call > Contact list: The “Last reached by” agent column is now searchable. 
  • Admin > Overview > Search: You can now search for a specific meeting. 

Key fixes

  • Admin > Agent > Create Agent: Automatic VoIP accounts are now compatible with VoIP-based Remote Listener.
  • Agent > Automatic calling: The call dialog now correctly displays the dialed number, rather the first number of the contact, even if another number was called. 
  • Agent > Progressive: A campaign’s lists that have been disabled by tags now behave as expected and agents cannot call the related contacts. 

Release r63.1 change log


  • Admin > Agents > Agent Editor: The “Restrict IP” checkbox is now hidden from Team Leaders in the agent editor.
  • Admin > Contact card: The Call Button is now shown correctly in the contact card.
  • Agent > Call > Callbacks: The Call button now appears as expected in various scenarios.
  • Agent > Call: Fixed an issue with automatic dialing under some scenarios. It now now stops as expected when pressing the Stop button.
  • Agent > Callback: Fixed a graphic issue so that the callback data table displays correctly. 
  • Agent/Admin: The default tab in the call window now displays as expected.

You might also want to slide on over to the R62 article and review the awesome new filtering options available to agents in list view. 

If you have any questions or requests, please contact your LeadDesk key account manager.

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