LeadDesk Release 61 – intelligent blacklisting

LeadDesk Software Release 61

LeadDesk Software release 61 is scheduled to go live for all customers across the LeadDesk network on Tuesday 7 July. The most significant change in release 61 is to the blacklisting workflow, which is now more intuitive, with blacklisting automatically implemented for a specific number across all related campaign and sponsor call lists.

Please note: LeadDesk Software release 60 was made up of minor incremental fixes. Information on releases 60.x and 61 is included below. 


LeadDesk’s intelligent blacklisting workflow has been updated

When an agent selects a phone number and chooses to blacklist it, the number is added to all blacklists, including those defined in call ending reasons, plus blacklists associated with the campaign sponsor.

When an agent selects a phone number and chooses to blacklist it, the number will be removed from:

  • all call lists associated with the current campaign
  • all call lists with the same sponsor as the current campaign
  • all call lists associated with other campaigns with the same sponsor as the current campaign
  • all call lists with the same sponsor as any blacklists defined in call ending reasons

When a number is blacklisted, other numbers belonging to the same contact are marked as used on call lists attached to the current campaign

Please note: when choosing "move number to blacklist" as a global call end reason, the default selection is "Removes contact from contact list". There is a checkbox option if you don’t want to automatically ‘remove’ blacklisted contact contacts from the list.


Highlights in release 60.x/61

  • Admin > Campaign editor: campaign-specific call ending reasons are now only applied to the specific campaign and do not affect global call ending reasons or other campaign-specific call ending reasons
  • Admin > Campaign editor: Copies of global call ending reasons can now be grouped.
  • Admin > Campaign editor > Fixed the points feature so it works properly with global reasons from deals and callbacks.
  • Admin > Call lists: Bulk SMS messages can now be sent if list contains contacts that are missing a phone number.
  • Agent > Callback: Closing a callback now does not automatically remove the contact from the list.
  • Agent > Call > Unfinished: a new column “Creator of the callback” has been added to callback tables. 
  • Agent: Agents can now write new emails
  • Admin: Admins can now handle email messages from queues. 
  • Agent: Huge performance boost for agents in B2B View mode.

 Highlights since release 60 for integrators:

  • Custom field support added to the LeadDesk web API.
  • Contact ID added to campaign URLs.

 Additional improvements since release 60:

  • Optimized behavior of call scripts in B2B View and meeting booking.
  • Many under the hood improvements to searches and filtering.
  • Optimised VoIP registration process for new agents.
  • Minor bug fixes to agent call view, agent comment view, agent call list view and campaign editor, and team leader list management.


The sun may be out but it is peak season for many contact centres that rely on LeadDesk at the core of their business. Our local sales and support teams are fully staffed through the summer months. Don't hesitate to contact your LeadDesk rep with any questions about the latest updates and how to more out of LeadDesk.

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