LeadDesk Release 59 – more power for predictive

LeadDesk Software Release 59

LeadDesk Software release 59 goes live on March 27.


Predictive update: rapid call rates, advanced routing and more customization options

The LeadDesk Predictive Dialer uses unique algorithms, specifically designed for outbound calls. It is powerful and highly effective for optimizing contact ratios and increasing agent productivity. And, with your feedback, we are making it even better.

We are updating our Predictive Dialer to give admins independent control over more parameters and we are introducing new features to bring the power of predictive to smaller teams.

The LeadDesk Predictive Dialer solution is world class and meets three key requirements: LeadDesk integrates inbound and outbound, includes call recording for evaluation and scoring, and is cloud-based for rapid painless scalability. We have also improved caller identification options and voicemail workflow.


Key new features in the updated LeadDesk Predictive Dialer:

The predictive engine algorithm has been redesigned for scenarios with less than 7 agents: if the dropout rate is at least 50% over the target, calling is slowed down more aggressively.

If there are no campaign-specific caller IDs in use, the Predictive Dialer uses the client's default caller ID ("Default outbound number" in the global campaign settings).

Many Predictive Dialer settings are now admin-configurable for power users, and can be configured individually for each Predictive Dialer instance:

  • Voicemail timeout for answered calls (default: 4 seconds)
  • Ringing timeout for outbound Predictive Dialer calls (default: 30 seconds)
  • Idle timeout i.e. the maximum time that the Predictive engine will keep running if no agents are available (default: 60 minutes)
  • Destination routing for calls that are transferred when the call is dropped i.e. if no agents are available
  • Other minor changes include removing the “0%” option from the dropout target dropdown list (as there can be no predictive dialing without some dropouts).

Other highlights in LeadDesk Software release 59:

  • Agent > Call dialog: Agents are now able to play announcements to the call recipient.
  • Agent: Conference calls can now be put on-hold.
  • Admin > Campaign editor > Call ending reasons: 2-level call ending reasons are now available in the editor.
  • Admin > Campaigns > Campaign editor: The available call waiting period range has been increased
  • Agent > Call: Agents now have the ability to manually find contact details for incoming callers.
  • Plus other miscellaneous tweaks and fixes.

Please note: some changes may require specific features to be enabled. LeadDesk Predictive Dialer is an add-on LeadApp available for instant deployment. Please consult with your LeadDesk representative.

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