LeadDesk Release 58 – easy conference calls

LeadDesk release 58 goes live on Friday, March 6.

In outbound scenarios, adding a third party to a call can rescue a lost deal, or make the difference in an up-selling or cross-selling situation. For inbound, being able to quickly add a colleague, expert or manager, can help avert a crisis with a tricky customer.

With conference call enabled, agents can see a phone-plus icon in the contact card and click to manually add a third party to a call. This is great for bringing in a product specialist, manager or technical expert to help close a deal.

Note: VoIP conference calling requires the phone book feature to be enabled, in addition to the conference call feature. 

Highlights in release 58:

  • Agent > Contact Card: New conference call feature (requires phone book to be enabled)
  • Admin > Campaign Editor: New call ending reason editor.
  • Agent: new external tabs available.
  • Agent > Call: New option to manually find contact details for incoming callers.
  • Admin > Predictive Dialer: New configuration parameters.

Plus various fixes and minor tweaks to customized reports, automatic call performance, inbound email availability during inbound calls, agent access rights limitations, manuscript result behavior, group message dialog, and custom data filters in reports. Agents can also now receive calls when on the “Away” tab in automatic/progressive call mode.

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