LeadDesk Release 57 – power tools for contact data handling

LeadDesk Software Release 57

LeadDesk Software release 57 goes live on February 17.


Highlights in release 57:

  • Admin/Agent: New contact-based scripts (visible and editable by admins)
  • Admin > General Settings > Templates: New email template type added for calendar emails 
  • Admin > Call lists > View: New ability to mass edit contact fields 
  • Admin > Overview > Search: New ability to open a contact card from the search function
  • Admin > General settings > Custom tables: It is now possible to make all "contact list calling" fields selectable that are visible 
  • Release 57 also includes various minor fixes for e.g. sorting options, automatic removal of empty emails from the inbound email queue (feature dependant)


Enhanced calendar workflow for meeting bookers (requires Meeting Calendars to be enabled)

  • Admin > Meeting Calendars: Meeting Calendar data is now integrated into the admin dashboard
  • Meeting Calendars: New ability to configure meeting invitation emails 
  • Meeting Calendars: There is a new email template manager and the ability to edit outgoing emails 
  • Meeting Calendars: Salespeople can now be disabled from calendar project settings 
  • Meeting Calendars: Managers can create meetings from their advanced view
  • Meeting Calendars: Timeslots of postponed or cancelled meetings are re-bookable
  • There have also been some minor fixes to Meeting Calendars for e.g. email language behavior, default salesperson behavior, and calendar viewing for different browsers
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