LeadDesk Release 55 – advanced meeting calendars

More features and fixes so you can work smarter and sell more

We hope you enjoyed the festive season! The fun didn't stop at LeadDesk R&D. In addition to various customer specific projects, our team has been busy with a host of updates and improvements.

LeadDesk Software release 55 features advanced meeting calendars, and tweaks and updates to the incredible LeadDesk outbound-optimized Predictive Dialer.

LeadDesk r55 also coincides with updates to the LeadDesk Button Chrome Button extension and the latest release of the LeadDesk Application for Windows.

Please note that the ability of new features/fixes may be dependent on certain customizations and/or LeadApps and may not be available to all customers.

Read on for all the detail below...


Advanced Meeting Calendars

The new calendar features give managers a lot more flexibility in how they can view meetings and make edits. These features were hotly requested by calendar users. When managers get change requests direct from customers in e.g. pre-meeting calls, they can action them immediately: 

  • New “sales person & manager” role – this combines manager privileges (access to every sales person’s calendar in the project) plus meeting organizer abilities
  • New advanced manager calendar view (contact LeadDesk Support to enable) – this enables the manager to see events for every sales person in the same view, delete meetings and edit meetings
  • New Day, Week and Month tabs in the advanced manager calendar view
  • Day tab: each salesperson in the selected project is shown as separate column side-by-side, managers can edit meetings and add busy times, calendar grid editing is now enabled, and participant drag-and-drop is enabled
  • Week tab: shows meetings and busy times of all a project’s salespeople in the same view by default. Includes filtering by salesperson and click to zoom-to-date
  • Month tab: shows all events for the selected month, meetings can be browsed, selected and e.g. deleted
  • Script selections can now be inserted into calendar booking workflow 
  • New week view for agents
  • Various minor fixes, including graphic fixes for various browsers


Other fixes and enhancements in LeadDesk Software release 55:

  • Web API: New Add/Modify component for assigning a contact to an agent 
  • Admin > Inbound: New support for WAV and MP3 formats for audio recordings
  • Call recording: New option for recording only the agent’s voice
  • Admin > Campaign: Ability to delete a campaign plus related callbacks
  • Agent > Call dialog: Reserve/release choices have been fixed in the call dialog in certain scenarios
  • Agent > Inbound: Fixed the call comment history showing wrong comments with inbound calls under some circumstances. 
  • Agent: Fixed an issue where the incoming tab was not visible with multichannel if the incoming number was not defined. 
  • Admin > User permissions: new ability to limit sections in the campaign editor.
  • Plus various minors fixes to call ending reason behavior, Javascript errors, negative agent wrap-up times, saving un-named contact info, callback searches, contact card behavior.


LeadDesk Predictive Dialer


LeadDesk Chrome Button Extension 1.23

  • Button can now be launched from the toolbar
  • New preference for defining e.g. country code prefix
  • Support added for special characters, line breaks and bold ("&nbsp;" and "<B>" HTML-tags)
  • Various minor fixes including filtering to prevent unwanted detections (dates, credit cards etc.)
  • View LeadDesk Button on the Chrome Web Store 


LeadDesk Application for Windows 6.00

  • New signed installer
  • LeadDesk Remote Support tool is now installed automatically.
  • New support for Call On Hold (requires IAX protocol)
  • Various fixes for file download errors, application exit and call transfers
  • Get it from the LeadDesk Downloads page 




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