LeadDesk Release 54 – integrated inbound email

Seamless inbound workflow with calls and emails 

Inbound email enables your agents to rapidly deal with follow-ups, order queries and service requests. Agents no longer need to waste time switching applications. Admins and business decision-makers are able to improve reporting efficiency by using LeadDesk to report e.g. reduced email contact time to resolution in combination with call metrics.


More about Inbound Email:

  • Inbound Email Queues can be configured by admins in the Campaign Editor.
  • Agents can access inbound emails queuing under the Incoming tab.
  • There are clear visual indicators for queue status and easy automatic email answering.
  • Agents can rapidly view, reply and handle email attachments in the LeadDesk call window.
  • Admins can browse email histories under the Inbound > Email Inbox with powerful filtering options.

Note: Inbound email is an available add-on for LeadDesk customers with Inbound enabled. Please contact your LeadDesk representative to discuss your inbound needs or reply to this email.


More about release 54:

LeadDesk Software r54 goes live on December 16. There have been various fixes under the hood thanks to recent piloting of the new inbound email feature. Much work in recent weeks has been on customer-specific customizations with some useful performance fixes to e.g. SQL query behavior, user permissions, and call results.  


With your feedback, we are building the best multichannel contact center solution

LeadDesk is used by a wide variety of companies. Outbound-focused telesales companies use LeadDesk's outbound-optimized predictive dialer, B2B bookers use account dialing and automated meeting calendars, and we have every size of service business - some using dozens of inbound queues with complex routing and IVR.

Are you taking full advantage of the opportunities for your business beyond outbound?

  • Inbound: add inbound queues and blended workflow. Grow revenue by e.g. adding a service offering to your campaigns. 
  • Bulk SMS: mass market to contact lists with easy templates.
  • 2-way-SMS: comply with order confirmation legislation (e.g. Norway) and close more deals.
  • Bulk Email: email blast to contact lists with personalization.
  • Inbound Email: add rapid email handling to your inbound call business.
  • Live Chat: live web-based chat is excellent for converting leads and reducing dropped baskets (announcement soon).

LeadDesk is working in partnership with Northern Europe's market leading web-based live chat service. If you want to know more, please contact your LeadDesk rep.


LeadDesk Support feedback

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