LeadDesk Release 56 – more powerful gamification

Make your agents more competitive

LeadDesk Software release 56 highlights the power you have to use LeadDesk to make your agents more competitive – to improve your efficiency and sales. In addition to existing gamification features, like the big info screen and points, R56 enables points to be awarded per call result, and makes agent points easier to track in the admin dashboard.

We have also introduced negative values in commission management. This is useful in B2C telecoms and publishing campaigns where agents that close deals by using subscription gifts or other promotional incentives might get reduced commissions.


Make your business more competitive

We want to make sure you have every competitive advantage so you can grow your business. Talk to your LeadDesk rep about the latest compliance tools and industry specific developments on the horizon – and squeeze every drop of sales accelerant out of your software.


More power throughout the B2B sales funnel

We have acted quickly on your feedback on the new calendar features. It is now possible to copy script results direct to a calendar booking invitation message to give more power to sales people in meetings. There is also a new weekly view for agents in the Meeting Calendars view.


Please note that some features and fixes, including Meeting Calendars, are only applicable if you have specific LeadApps or related features enabled.


Highlights in release 56:

  • Admin > Objectives: Support for negative values in commission management. 
  • Admin: Call ending reasons: new points per call ending reason.
  • Admin > Dashboard > Agents: Points are now included in the agents view.
  • Meeting Calendars: Script results can now be included into calendar meeting booking invitations.
  • Admin > Message templates: messages can now be tagged with the agent office.
  • Admin > Message templates: new ability to add the agent’s email automatically to the CC field.
  • Admin > Call list import: the maximum phone number length has been increased.
  • There were also minor fixes to the agent online widget, next customer button, connected/disconnected display, contact card data presentation, predictive call log behavior, campaign-less orders, incoming call campaign URL behavior, and call ending reason triggers relating to call lists and message templates.


LeadDesk Button release 26 is also now available to download

New functionality:

  • Campaign's agent session timeout is now supported
  • Master password support is enabled
  • Agent ban can be enabled if no there is no answer to the inbound queue
  • Plus fixes to the call log in some hang-up scenarios and a reduction in hang-up delay time.

Contact your LeadDesk representative for more information and to discuss how to optimize LeadDesk to fit your business.

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